LucidSound LS20 Headset Review

By: Jimmy Smith

LucidSound has been putting out some amazing headsets with great sound recently. We loved the Ls40s, now meet the baby brother. The LS20 headphones/headset.

The feature packed gaming headset that shines in almost every situation you put them in was in our offices for the last two weeks and here is what we thought. 

LS20 Specs:
  • 40mm drivers
  • Ear cup controls (left volume, right mute)
  • Ear cups rotate 90 degrees to lay flat
  • Amplified with Bass Boost mode
  • Rechargeable 20 hour Battery
  • Built-in Mic
  • Optional, detachable boom mic with LED mute indicator
  • Memory foam ear cushions
  • Available in black or white
  • 3.5mm connector
  • Micro-USB input (charging)
  • Weight: 9 ounces
Many gaming headsets are taking this turn to be everyday headsets in style and functionality. LucidSound says "get you a headset that can do both." And poof, the LS20s were born.

The LS20 include a very strong and lightweight design. Complete with surprisingly comfortable on ear cups (we normally aren't fans of on-ear headphones) that are adjustable and will conform to your head. It provides a nearly perfect balance between fit and comfort. They were made for long gaming sessions and we can report a good deal of comfort throughout 4-5 hour sit downs. 

Featured in white and gold or the black and silver we got, there is tons of style dripping off the LS20s. The headband has a stitched look and has great padding which we really appreciated. There is a great mix of materials and colors that provide a strong look that really stands out. 

The included boom mic, which we will get to, can be removed allowing these to be straight headphones and they look the part. The LS20s have a unique style and can stand on their own in a saturated headphone market.

I guess the best way to put it succinctly is dynamic. They handle everything you throw at them.

The 40mm drivers are really the stars here because they can balance a whole lot of sounds. This was clear with acoustic music as well as hip hop and other bass-strong sounds like explosions in games. It can do it because of its built in amp that can get the LS20s loud enough to make up for just being on ear instead of over-ear passive noise canceling headphones.

The amp is powered with an internal battery that is charged using the included micro USB cable. Charging the battery and powering the headset allows you to use the bass boost button on the right ear cup. This gives a full sound with a punch. The battery will hold a charge for about eight hours.  

Unlike some powered headphones/headsets the LS20s will work without the power. You will have a little less boom and thump but you can still enjoy a pretty good sound sans power.

The microphone is clear but does, based on its placement on your head, pick up a little bit of "breathing wind" as you exhale into it. That is in part because the headset also mixes in your mic's audio into what you are hearing. Not a huge issue, just slide the mic up a little higher than normal and not only will that sound be gone, but the mic seemed to be a tab more clear based on the mic's direction.

The LS20s also feature different modes which play into the dynamic moniker we gave them. These can work with PCs, Ps4/Ps3, Xbox One and mobile devices. You can cycle the headset to the right mode by holding down the power button. Blue for PS4/Ps3, Purple for Xbox One, and Red for PC or mobile devices.  
Volume and mic controls are found on the outsides of the ear cups. Output volume control is on the left ear and is changed by just turning the dial. 

There is a button on the ear cup that when pressed will mute all audio. No dial on the other side but the button will mute the included microphone.  

Another really nice feature that is a great addition to gaming headsets, the boom mic has a built-in LED mute indicator. Just tap the right ear cup to mute the microphone, and the LED makes sure you know it’s muted.

At just about $100, the LS20 headset is a great choice as an all-around travel/mobile/multi-platform headset. With an included amp and microphone, these can do it all.