Beats Studio³ Wireless Headphones Review

Everyone knows we like the sound that Beats creates. Strong bass and mids, they could always use a little more highs but it is a satisfying sound. The APEX of the product line is the Studio3 Wireless. Join us as we hit the peak after trying the Powerbeats Pros, Solos Wireless and Pill+.

Great noise canceling and amazing battery life highlight the Studio³ Wireless' features. Follow that with a great design and style and you have one of the most iconic headphones of our lifetime. Seven color options including camo, black, red with silver trim, white and gold and The Skyline Collection offer just enough customization for the user. We tried the white and gold look.

Because Beats is an Apple product and the Studio³s come with a W1 chip, out of the box pairing was a breeze. Turn them on and the nearest device with Bluetooth (in this case my iPhone X) was looking to make a connection. Connecting to an Apple laptop and desktop was as easy as any other connection with a computer, although the popup screen that is limited to mobile devices did not great us.

The left ear cup has a button under the Beats logo. This is the normal play, pause and track change button, with volume control above and below. Along with the buttons are a tiny microphone and 3.5mm headphone jack for those that aren't quite ready for the future. The right ear cup has the power button, battery display and charging port.

Speaking of the charging port, yes this is a quick charge device, we got about 3 hours of playback from a 10-minute charge with the Beats Fast Fuel. A full charge lasts up to 22 hours - or up to 40 hours with noise cancelling off. 

BUT, the charging cable is a MICRO USB! Why? Everything else Beats does is with Lightning cables. Was this cheaper? It can't be able faster because Apple said Lighting and USB-C was faster and better, so why the step back? Who knows. Luckily, after all of these years, I have hundreds of Micro-USBs around the house. Not all will offer the Fast Fuel, but in a pinch they will work.

The Pure Active Noise Cancelling activates automatically when you turn on the Studio³s. You can switch it off by double-pressing the power button. This effectively doubles battery life in the process. There’s a little LED indicator by the power button which reveals how much gas is left in the tank. Leave the ANC on though, it is really good!

Top of the line Bluetooth tech also allows me to walk all over the place and up and down stairs with no interference or drops. These are the strongest and best in this department we have ever tried.

Comfort is where we have an issue. The fit was snug but we experienced fatigue in wearing them. We noticed more pressure than we like along the headband and some sweating on the ears after multiple (5+) hours of use. These are probably extreme usage things but wanted to make note of them.

They ship in a hard plastic pill-box, and are bundled with a 3.5mm RemoteTalk audio cable, USB charging lead and a belt clip. The pivoting ear cup design means they fold down to an agreeably small size.