Lenovo Eco Pro Backpack Review

Tech backpacks often have issues balancing form and function. Lenovo's Eco Pro does that and even throws another ball in the air to juggle, environmentally friendly. We love our Eco Pro backpack!

Launched this past Earth Day, Lenovo decided it would add sustainability to the list of things it does well with the Eco Pro backpack. The Eco Pro is made of 83% recycled content including an amazing 34 recycled water bottles PER bag. 

I don't really equate backpacks as harmful to the environment, but plastic is plastic and if we can reuse that many bottles in a backpack, I'm in! 

Now close your eyes and think what a backpack made almost entirely of recycled materials including 34 water bottles would look like. Probably bulky, ugly or like something you pretended with as a kid. Open your eyes.

This backpack made me get rid of a few of my favorites in the house because it was so sleek, stylish and lightweight. I was blown away when I opened the box from Lenovo, this can't be it. It is minimalistic but has the pockets and pouches that tech gear travelers need. The olive green/army green color is a breath of fresh air in a world of black backpacks. 

We assumed it would be stiff, scratchy, and not all that comfortable to the touch. Were we wrong! The material created by the woven plastic fibers is soft yet secure, and the breathable mesh on the rear of the pack is very comfortable across your back. It comes with the standard adjustable straps, as well as a sturdy handle up top. 

A recent Lenovo blog post talks about how the Eco Pro is made. First they collect recyclable plastic bottles, break them down into little pellets, and then melt those pellets into a super-durable yarn that is spun into the fabric for the main components of the backpack. The result is a sturdy, soft, and flexible material that should last for years to come.

There is an assortment of pockets and pouches that make the Eco Pro a tech lovers dream. There is a secret zipper pouch on the lower portion of the backside (the zipper is hidden, and it's protected from would-be thieves by the small of your back). It's perfect for stashing away your wallet, keys or other really important stuff.

The many compartment has three small pouches for headphones, batteries, flash drives and more. There is also a medium-sized sleeve for a notebook or tablet. Then there is a large compartment for a laptop and tablet, along with some extra storage space. On the front of the bag are u pper and lower zippered compartments and two adjustable pockets on each side of the pack. These pockets, oddly enough, are only large enough for the water bottles that the bag is made of, NOTHING MORE. That is a bummer for those that like to help save the environment with refillable bottles like hydroflasks. 

Another knock on the Eco Pro is the price. While the process is better for the environment, it isn't for your wallet. At $90, this isn't a cheap backpack by any means, but it is affordable if you take into consideration the process and the smart storage you are getting.