Beats Powerbeats Headphones Review

With sound quality lifted directly from the Beats Powerbeats Pro, an IPX4 rating and Apple’s H1 Wireless Chip that can summon Siri with the sound of your voice, the Powerbeats are well worth the look as a cheaper alternative.

Longer battery life, about six hours more (15 hours) and the same audio quality, minus noise canceling, multiple ear tips for the right fit and sweat resistance gives the Powerbeats a strong fit in the workout sector.
But they aren't just for that. A good mic array makes calls enjoyable. They can be paired to multiple devices and share songs wirelessly with another pair of Beats headphones making them great for flights or other entertainment situations.

On the negative front, chiefly, there is fit. Yes the tips help, but the cord connecting the two ear buds does not. Obviously, that is what makes these cheaper, they are not true wireless headphones. But getting the right fit and making sure the wire doesn't drive you crazy during a run is tough getting used to if you are used to true wireless headphones. 

The Powerbeats Pros are the best true wireless headphones we have tried, these will obviously have their differences so its not fair to compare them when it comes to this. Audio quality, yes, but not the design. 

The counterpoint there, of course, is that it's impossible to lose two earbuds that are tied together, and being able to share the power means twice the battery life - both of which might be an advantage over the AirPods.

Secondly,  unlike the Solo Pros or Powerbeats Pros, the Powerbeats also don't automatically pause the music when you take them out.

Just like the Pros, the controls on the the left housing is for power / Bluetooth pairing button while on the right housing you’ll find a volume rocker and Beats button that controls play/pause and your virtual assistant. The Powerbeats Pros have that play/pause button on each ear.

Inside the box you’ll also find a small Lightning to USB Cable plus a soft carrying case and directions for the earbuds, though setup is as simple as holding them near an iOS device or pairing them via the power button to an Android device.

Because these are tight-fitting and IPX4 sweat-resistant, they really appeal to the workout crowd and we highly suggest that be a reason to consider them. I LOVE using the Pros in the gym and I love saving money, BOOM Powerbeats.

If money ain't a thang, get the Pros. Either way, we like these (and the Pros) far better than AirPods for sound quality and comfort. Plus, the Beats sound profile is so much more well-rounded than ever before. If you haven't heard them in a while, they might now be for you.