Lenovo Legion Y740 Review

From the first look we knew this was something different. The Legion Y740 is the latest and greatest gaming laptop from Lenovo. From the sleek, light weight design to the dazzling HD display, the Y740 is one of the best gaming laptops we’ve seen yet.
The Y740 comes equipped with the new Legion Edge performance system. What that means is you can enjoy your favorite games, minus all the hassle. 

Edge will detect when you open a game, and automatically adjust the cooling and power usage settings, adjust CPU and RAM overclocking and can even disable applications of your choice, all by the time you load into your first match of APEX Legends. 

Of corse you can monitor all of this in real time. With the help of Edge, PC gaming is as easy as it’s ever been.

With NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics and largely reduced bezels around the screen, the Y740 sets the bar high for gaming laptops. The clarity and the smoothness of the HD, 144 Hz display is the first thing we noticed upon booting up the system. Graphically, this system is as good as you we’ve come to expect from Lenovo.

On a laptop, a good keyboard is crucial, sense your essentially stuck with it. That’s no problem here. The Y740 comes with a full size, backlit keyboard with AWSD highlights, anti-ghosting and less than 1 ms response time. This keyboard definitely keeps up with the best.

Surprisingly, a headset is not required with the Y740. Featuring a custom Dolby sound bar and Dolby Atmos technology, the audio sounds as if you were using a headset. This cutting edge audio engineering allows you to differentiate between sounds coming from left or right, in front or behind you all with the use of a single built in sound bar. By far, this is the best audio we’ve ever experienced from any laptop.

Over all, Lenovo has out done them self’s with the Legion Y740. The only downsides being the battery life, 5 hrs max, and the fact that you’ll immediately want to buy a nice gaming mouse (check out some of our reviews on gaming mice). We highly recommend the Y740 to anyone looking for a classy laptop for work, for gaming, or both.