Jabra Evolve 65 BT Headset Review

In many products sometimes companies overthink and overcomplicate tech devices. They attach all these additional bells, whistles, and find additional ways to drive up revenue- ESPECIALLY in equipment that could be used primarily for business use.  

Manufacturers know that businesses need certain tools and equipment and will charge handsomely to have as much return as possible. That being said, the Jabra Evolve 65 wireless headset is an exception to this practice and provides the best in practice features for a best in class price.   

This Jabra device is marketed for those who travel and may need to take a conference call, spend a lot of time on your cell phone and need to have solid sound quality for a common folk’s price point. The Jabra Evolve 65 comes in at less than $125 USD. Based on my experience with it, It’s absolutely worth every penny of it. 

What you get with the headset is a soft neoprene zip case that has a very good quality feel to it.  There is a small clear pocket for you to store the USB wireless connector in the event you were using a softphone on a PC or a laptop.  

The headset also comes with a bright red, high quality micro USB charging cable which mirrors the subtle red accents on the set itself. The headphones provide the feel of a premium quality entertainment accessory that you’d feel confident about wearing to listen to music, while also sporting a level of professionalism if used in the workplace. The clean and lightweight design provide comfort and quality. 

The actual usage of the headset is still great quality. Battery life is excellent and I wasn’t able to run it dead after a long period of use in the office. I also tested it out on the golf course and was able to participate in a conference call while golfing (don’t tell my boss) with ease and convenience. Once the headset is synced up to your device, it automatically connects next time the headset is powered on. There is a mouth piece that is hidden by a magnetic strip that attaches to the over the head support and essentially hides it when not in use.  

Pros: Quality surpasses the price point and is a great value. It looks more expensive than it is and the performance is consistent and reliable. The mouth piece with the magnetic component is a crafty addition that gives it more of a business feel.  

Cons:  There is no mute on the headset. Honestly if there were, I would say this is a near perfect device.