Jabra 85H Elite Headphones Review

If you are looking for an elite set of sound cancelling headphones, then the Jabra 85H Elite is the way to go. Upon opening the box the set up was extremely easy. After down loading the Jabra Application on my iPhone it was extremely easy to connect to the headphones. Once I was connected, I was able to get the settings how I wanted them, I was able to set up the Active Noise Canceling and EQ settings.

After receiving the 85H Elite headphones I went on a 5.5 hour road trip, I was able to watch movies and listen to music with out interruption or hearing the music from the car or the conversation around me. As a landscaper I’ve used a number of 3M noise-cancelling headphones from the cheapest to the most expensive and there is no comparison to the 85H Elite.

With the cheaper 3M headphones you can only use the AM/FM radio feature, which goes in and out on a consistent basis. With the 3M models that offer bluetooth, they have the same issues as the cheaper pair with the spotty connection. 

The ANC function of the 85H Elite is ideal while mowing lawns or running power tools, though there is still noise that comes through it is much more dampened than the other models I have used.

There are a number of features on the 85H elite headphones, on the right head phone there is a button to answer phone calls, on the outside of ear piece you can turn volume up and down and skip and back track music tracks.

On the left side there is a ANC control button and a button that opens the app on your phone. My favorite feature would hands down be that when your remove the ear piece from your ears there is a censor that automatically mutes the music and once you place them back over your ears the music resumes. This feature can be turned off through the application.

All in all the Jabra 85H Elite is a superior product and well worth the $299.99 price tag.