Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless Headset Review

Steelseries makes the best headsets in our opinion. Widest range of offerings by features and prices makes Steelseries a great choice for almost every gamer out there. 

Obviously, there most expensive and feature-filled Artis Pro Wireless didn't disappoint. We tried a white colored pair for the Ps4 and loved every minute.

One word for both, amazing. Design wise the white color really makes a statement amongst an industry that loves the color black. With silver accents and black still very prominent, it is a harmony of the WB color palette.

A ski goggle headband and soft and large ear cups make these one of the more comfortable sets on the market that also create a tight passive noise canceling feel. They also feel light on your head and do not create any sense of fatigue. We have worn them for 4-6 hours at a time with absolutely no issues/sweat/discomfort.

The mic is retractable so these can even be used as music headphones with the included 3.5mm cable.

Also, great. Feature wise, the headset has an easy to find mute button, a volume rocker, 3.5 mm headphone jack and MOST IMPORTANTLY a removable battery. That is notable because you get a second battery that can be charged in the receiver so you should never be without a battery.

That is a huge addition that we haven't seen before. The battery is behind the right ear cup protected by a magnetic cover. The battery swap will take just seconds so you never miss hearing where the squad wants to drop. Each battery is said to last 10 hours of gaming. It seems to be about right.

The speakers are immersive and have been a huge asset for tracking bullet sounds and emend footsteps. Connection wise we can go anywhere in our gaming den with no issues, even can go upstairs and hit the fridge and still stay connected.

Back to that transmitter. It is more than just that because it sits on your table like headphone amplifier, with a volume knob that can push in for a selection, and a back button. The interface is pretty easy to use — you can control things like the equalization (great feature to customize your sound), mix between your game and chat, and so on. We found it easy to get used to controlling the interface.

Included is the headset, 3.5mm cable, two batteries, digital optical cable, transmitter and power for the transmitter (either USB through the Ps4 or wall DC outlet).

The only other headset in the league is the Astro A50, but the second battery and amazing comfort put the Arctis Pros ahead for us.