Aomois Life Speaker

The wood exterior and sleek buttons gives this 30W speaker a high-end appearance and fits seamlessly with our home décor. The Bluetooth signal is strong, we connected to our iPhones without any issues and were able to walk throughout the main level of our home (about 1,000 sq. ft.) without any interruptions to the music. 

With three EQ presets including Classic, Party and Surround ensures the music is naturally emphasized for the genre as well as should playback decently on the device. An EQ doesn’t make the sound better, but it can get you closer to the sound you’re looking to get out of your speaker. 

Another smart feature is that you have the ability to plug in your phone via a AUX cable to the back. 

The speaker produces high quality audio comparable to our expensive soundbar. Even with the volume turned up to the max, the music sounded crystal clear. 
There are two drivers and a passive radiator in the package like most of the portable speakers. If you're looking for a sleek, stylish portable speaker for your home, this speaker is a top choice.
It was very easy to sync via BT and charges via an included micro-usb and wall adapter. Battery life is good, it can play for 8 hours at 80-90% volume without a giving up yet and recharges quickly just for 3.5 hours.

If you are looking for a very good looking speaker for a kitchen, living room or office that also packs a punch, go for the Life from Amois.