Plantronics BACKBEAT GO 400 Headphones Review

Comfortable, easy to use, and the battery lasts forever. The Backbeat Go 400 is a Bluetooth, over the ear headphones from Plantronics and we can’t ger enough of them!
Sound quality:
The sound is spot on. Deep bass hits sound and feel awesome, especially in bass boost mode. For a more well rounded sound, the Backbeat Go 400s also have a balanced mode. Switching between the EQ modes, and even controlling your music is super easy with the big, shaped on ear controls. 

The microphone is also really great for the money and form factor. Because it doesn't have a telescoping mic like a gaming headset does, we thought the sound would echo, be faint or otherwise terrible and we were pleasantly surprised.

Life with the Backbeat 600
Plantronics has made life easy. The Backbeat Go 400 has an audio cues the will let you know when the headphone are turned on and off, and even how much battery you have left, not the you need to worry with an almost 18 hour battery life. 

The headphones can also be used with an aux cord just in case you do happed to use up all that battery, which is easy to do considering how comfortable and lightweight they are. With the super soft memory foam headphones you’ll forget you even have them on.

Final Thoughts:
Overall the Plantronics Backbeat Go 400 headphones are absolutely fantastic. You will not find better headphones for this price ($99).