Plantronics RIG 500 Pro Gaming Headset Review

Plantronics has burst onto the gaming gear scene with their RIG line of headsets. The newest is the 500 Pros. Here is our review.

Sleek, modern, edgy and bold, the 500s are the best looking model in PT's lineup. With sharp edges and a futuristic look, the 500 Pros look as good on your head as they do sitting on a table.

Like past models, the comfort is top notch. The RIG 500 Pro sport "dual-material earcushions that use a moisture wicking fabric and leatherette combination to block out distracting background noise while keeping you cool and comfortable."

A lot of headsets say that, but you will not even notice that you have the 500s on your head they are that comfortable. On top of that, literally and figuratively, the 500 Pros also have a second headband that increases comfort by snugly holding the headset in place.

You might have to get used to the headphone cable coming out of the back of the headset instead of the bottom of one of the cups but it is a simple adjustment.

Amazing. For $80, I am not sure you will find a better headset on the market, period. The sound of the Battlefield V beta in these was like nothing I had ever heard. Granted BF games are known for sound design, the 500 Pros are how the game is meant to be heard. Explosions, voices, everything came through clear and directionally accurate. I can't say enough about the immersion that I felt while playing with these.

The mic is a flip-to-mute and the ear cups are passive noise canceling and they both do a great job at that. The mic could have used a diffuser on it to protect from popping "P" sounds but otherwise, the mic's quality is remarkably sharp.

And, where the headset plugs into the controller you will find a patent-pending RIG game audio dial that integrates with your console controller for easy volume adjustment without interrupting your gameplay.

For the price, they can't be beat. We loved the 400 series and now again, Platronics hits it out of the park with the 500 Pros.