Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earphones

If you come at the King, you best not miss. Jabra didn't miss the King in this instance. That King, Apple.

Jabra's new Elite 65t wireless earphones are the perfect solution to those that don't want Apple's AirPods, and frankly, these are even better.

They just look cool. I am an Apple guy and those AirPods just look like electric toothbrush attachments in your ear. These are sleek, subtle and fit right into your ear to the point they can be completely missed by passersby. Each of the earbuds are have a microphone area that points out toward your mouth a tad to help them pick up your voice.

The Elite 65ts are light as well so you won't experience fatigue wearing them. And on top of all of that, they have a little carrying/charging case that provides two additional charges which brings your total to about 15 hours of use (5 hours per charge).

I never thought that I would like and/or trust completely wireless headphones, but here we are. I love these things. They do everything well. Phone calls are clear on both ends. The mic handles ambient noise well, wind is tough though. The speakers are clear and well balanced for music and calls. Not audiophile level sound quality, but you knew that already. They are amazing for their size and might be the best in this class of headphones.

They sound great. The connection between your device and between the earbuds themselves is strong, but the connection between the earbuds themselves is even more impressive thanks to the new standard, Bluetooth 5. And they fit really well. Jabra includes three other ear tip sizes, which is standard for most headphones, but beyond the in-ear part, the build fits really snug and doesn't feel loose, even when running. 

Passive noise-canceling is the strategy for the Elite 65ts. Understandable and helps keep the form factor down. They do a decent job at blocking sound with the correctly fit ear tip. Jabra says the Elite 65t earbuds are rated IP55 water / dust resistant, and the company offers a generous two-year warranty. 

Initial setup is simple, just flip open the matte black charging case, pop them into your ears, and a voice will prompt you to open Bluetooth settings on your device and select them. Even better, they can pair with two devices simultaneously, which is very useful. AND, they will pause your music when you remove one from your ear.

You may think that the controls will be hard to use, if they have any control of track changes or volume control. Well, they do. To play / pause audio, press the right earbud button. Hold it down to trigger your phone’s voice assistant. On the left earbud you will find little nubs that control volume or, when held down, skipping tracks.

They look cool, sound good, work really well with laptops, phones, etc and are water resistant. I feel like a secret service agent when I wear them, that is worth the price alone. I look for any excuse to wear them, I even wear them to bed sometimes to drift off to sleep listening to a podcast.