Recoil Laser Tag Review

An excuse for adults to run around and play. Augmented reality nerf guns of your childhood are hear in the form of Recoil Laser Combat game system, A first-person shooter come to life.
Ok, it is not really AR, but the inclusion of your phone serves as a hub like you would see in a video game.

Remaining ammo, kills, it pairs with your gun via Bluetooth and tracks important things around the game. The phone will also show a minimap so you can see the other players, power ups, and more health and ammo on the map.

A missile launch mini-game is the most AR-like feature of Recoil.

Press a button when you’re close to the coordinates for the missile launch system and then your phone’s camera turns on missile launch pad appears over the image coming from your phone’s camera, very Pokemon Go like.

The starter set includes two guns and the Wifi Game Hub, which connects the players phones to the system by creating a Wifi network to connect to. Place the Game Hub in the middle of the battlezone so it can orient your gameplay. You can create a zone of up to a 250 foot radius and one Game Hub can track and allow 16 players to battle at a time.

 Game modes include Skirmish, Team Skirmish and Search & Destroy. The guns actually have a great weighted feel to them and provide a fulfilling little kick back when the trigger is pulled.

When that trigger is pulled in the direction of another player, the game calculates whether the shot is accurate and if the opposing player has been hit. If it was an accurate shot, the other player is removed from play until they move back to the team’s home base to respawn.

Each gun has three sensors, one on each side and another on the front. The player has to wear an included sensor on their back, either on their collar or back pocket to allow to be shot from behind. These sensors are the downfall to Recoil.

They are too easy cover and are often not accurate. Now, these sensors are FAR BETTER than anything else that has been commercially available including cumbersome vests of the past.

To add to the video game feel, Recoil also provides in-ear surround sound and real-time voice communication via headsets. Those headsets are not included but are a huge addition to the gameplay.

Recoil is an interesting idea. The technology is not a gimmick and really serves a purpose rather than being a novelty. The Nerf era is back in a whole new way. Yes, it may be a little embarrassing running around shooting each other like that, but it was an enjoyable experience. The app overlay works really well and the sensors, for the most part, were consistent.

It is like an easier and cheaper version of paintball. The starter kit we tried is around $90. With additional guns like a rifle and even a grenade available, the game can become as big as you want it to.

Recoil really has something here with their Laser Combat system. If you are looking for something new to do with your friends, the weather will be warmer soon, give Recoil a look.