Lenovo Legion Y920 Review

 Legion Y920 by Lenovo. We’ve reached the tippy top of the line when it comes to high quality, highly powerful gaming rigs. It’s easy to set up, easy to customize, it’s the Y920.


- Intel Core i7-7700k processor (4.20GHz)

- 16GB DDR4

- 2TB of storage (256GB SSD)

- 625w power supply

- WIFI, LAN and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

- 10 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, even a USB type-C port

What’s in the box:

     In the box, along with the tower itself you’ll find 1 Lenovo Y gaming mouse, 1 Lenovo Y gaming mechanical keyboard, and 1 power cable.


     The Lenovo Y gaming mouse was a joy to use. We could tell it was designed with the hardcore gamer in mind. The Lenovo mouse comes with five 5g weights that are effortlessly installed or removed. The Lenovo customization software allows you to adjust not only DPI but also lets you assign macros to your liking.

We were also pleasantly surprised with the overall size of the mouse. The mouse seems overall bigger than most others, which for us meant the mouse to be one of the most comfortable that we’ve used.

The first thing we noticed when we got a hold of the Lenovo Y mechanical keyboard is how quiet the key clicks are. There’s no annoying loud click clack as you play. The keyboard has all the standard shortcut keys, such as playback controls (play/pause, skip etc.) volume controls, brightness control and a number pad. Now the important part, the macros.

The keyboard has 6 macro keys along the left side and 3 on the top left for a total of 9 fully customizable macro keys. The best part about the macros is how easy it is to set them. There’s no need to take time to go into any software to adjust your settings, everything can be done on the keyboard itself.

     Over all the Y920 sets you up about as good as you can be as far as keyboard and mouse go.


     Not that you would need to anytime soon, Lenovo has made it possible for anyone to quickly and easily upgrade and part of the PC. With the press of a button the clear side panel comes off giving you access to the hardware and with their tool-less design you can smoothly customize your PC.

Graphics and Gameplay:

     Gaming on the Y920 was a dream. It was pretty satisfying to turn up the graphics setting in our favorite games and not have to sacrifice graphics for frame rate. With 4K ability there really is no choice to be made. We even took the opportunity to go back an play some games from the past that we have already played but we’re able to properly enjoy what they had to offer because of hardware limitations that held us back before.

Like the Lenovo Y720 laptop we reviewed previously, the Y920 does come VR ready. Disappointingly again, we are unable to properly test this out so we cannot speak to the VR game play.

     Of course, we know that even the best of PCs are still susceptible to lag during online gaming. That’s why the Legion Y920 comes with Killer Doubleshot Pro. What this system does is it uses both a LAN connection and a WIFI connection and chooses between the two to decide which one is faster.
Then is uses the fastest connection to send all high speed traffic and uses the slower connection for other, less important traffic. The Killer Control Center also allows you to see which apps are using bandwidth and subsequently shut them down if necessary.

Final Thoughts:

     The Legion Y920 by Lenovo is a great PC. But is it worth the price tag. In our honest opinion, if your a gamer who plays every so often, it may not be. But if you’re part of the hardcore gaming community, if you refuse to sacrifice graphics for gameplay and demand the most of your PC, than the Y920 is absolutely and without a doubt, worth every penny. You will not regret it.