GolfBuddy WTX Golf Watch Review

Being a newer golf enthusiast, I have been searching for any and every way to improve my game.  No matter how much time you put in at the range or on your swing, none of that matters if you don’t know how far you are away from the hole.

I had been using a popular golf app and my standard smart watch for distances and GPS however they both had their quirks and have been, at times, unreliable. This led me to the GolfBuddy WTX.

At first unboxing, the packaging is durable clear plastic that provides a high-end feel to the product.  The package includes the watch itself, a common USB android style charging cable, and the user guide.

Before even picking up the watch, it’s an attractive piece of tech that has a sizeable touch screen/ watch face and absolutely could pass for a regular smart watch. I preferred this style to the everyday smart watch I typically wear (Spoiler alert: sometimes I wear the GolfBuddy WXT because I like the look that much). The flat black look of the watch provides a very clean and simple look.

I was shocked by how light the watch is.  I actually double checked package to see if there was a battery or something that needed to be inserted. Sure enough, it was simply that light. The startling weight lends a moment of doubt about the build and quality of the watch, however after testing it becomes clear the purpose of the light weight build is so you barely notice it’s there.

This watch face has a soft feel to it and is very responsive. There are many features within the watch such as a pedometer, activity tracking such as biking and running, and other functions as simple as setting an alarm. This watch also does a fair job receiving and displaying notifications when synced to your smart phone.

Now to the actual purpose of the device.  The GolfBuddy application itself is easy to use and does the job well. Yardages appeared accurate and bunker and water placement was spot on. The display was vibrant and visible in both shade and sunlight. I also tested it in rain and there was no dip in performance and the band stays comfortable while wet.

Overall, I really like this watch and will continue to use it on the course. There are a couple of things I personally wish were possible with the GolfBuddy WXT, but they are minor. While you are able to purchase other watch bands to add some flair, they are very basic in design. I would like to see some texture in the watch band and simply more options to customize the feel and look of the watch as more and more wearables hit the market, you want to stand out.