Steelseries Rival and Sensei Mice Review

The Rival 310
The Rival 310 is a right handed gaming mouse from Steelseries. The Rival 310 features an ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your (right) hand, and like the Sensei 310, comes with side grips made from pure silicon, for improved handling.
The Rival 310, along with the Sensei 310, comes with TrueMove3, the latest censor technology from Steelseries, which provides a wide CPI range and allows for true 1:1 tracking, perfect for the serious gamers.

The Rival 310 has 6 buttons, while the Sensei 310 comes with two extra side buttons, allowing for easy ambidextrous use, totaling 8 buttons. 

While both the Rival and the Sensei are crafted with high quality materials, and are comfortable for extended use, we found that the Rival was slightly more ergonomic for right handed users, this is because the Rival has an oblong shape that fits nicely in your right hand, while the Sensei has a symmetrical shape, which works with left and right handed players.
Overall the Rival 310 from Steelseries is a great gaming mouse built with a quality look and feel.

The Steelseries Sensei 310 is light weight, durable, and extremely responsive which makes it in our opinion the best ambidextrous gaming mouse on the market.

The Sensei 310 and the Rival 310 both have available customization software called PrismSync that allows players to fully control the look of their Steelseries gear, whatever their style. PrisimSync even let's players synchronize their color scheme across all devices.

Rival 310

Both the Sensei 310 and Rival 310 have split triggers designed with mechanical switches guaranteed for 50 million clicks for a long life time and consistent feel. 

The Sensei, along with the Rival, is built with durable plastic with a flat black finish that is incredibly easy to keep clean.
If you looking for a high quality ambidextrous mouse built with the players in mind, you won't find anything better than the Sensei 310 from Steelseries.