Lenovo Legion Y720 Laptop Review

With a relatively high price tag (starting at $1,000 but can be customized toward a price tag of $1,500), the Lenovo Legion Y720 has a lot to live up to, we’re here to let you know just what you get and if it’s worth it.

The build quality on the Y720 is definitely up to par. It’s a little hefty, weighing in at just over 7 lbs. All things considered 7 lbs is not much, with an all metal cover and a heavy duty hinge, that 7 lbs is necessary. The metal cover is all black with a nice cross stitched type of pattern and the Lenovo logo tastefully blended in all black with a red, backlit Y logo centered.

The inside sticks with the black and red scheme, with everything in black with red red speaker covers across the top and a thin red outline around the touch pad.

The keyboard has customizable zones, where you can edit the color and lighting effects ( such as breathing, or solid color) for the selected zone, individual key customization would be nice but I found that it looks best with just a sold red to match the color scheme.

Most gamers know that it’s hard to beat a quality pair of headphones are hard to beat as far as sound quality. We’re not hear to try and argue that point. But, we know that during long gaming sessions, headphones can get hot and uncomfortable.

With the Y720's Dolby Atmos support, the sound quality is outstanding. You truly feel immersed while you play your favorite games. Sound quality is extremely important in the gaming world and it seems Lenovo fully understands this.

4K. Yes, the Y720 has a 3840 x 2160 UHD 60hz display. Big deal, whatever who cares, lots of people have 4K. Well, at this price point and in a laptop, we we’re excited to see the jump in quality over the standard 1080 HD. The 4K graphics paired with the audio quality makes gaming an incredibly immersive experience. Truly the best way to game.

Now if 4K graphics and intense audio aren’t immersive enough, and you really like to be on the leading edge of technology, maybe you want Virtual Reality. Well great news, the Lenovo Legion Y720 is VR ready.

Now we unfortunately can not speak to the VR experience, as we do not at this time have access to a suitable VR headset, but we were still excited to see VR support at this price point, available in a laptop. Hopefully more people will engage in VR gaming and help expand the hardware and game library.

If you're into high end gaming then you probably know about the problem of heat. High end gaming requires some pretty legit hardware, all of which generates heat. Lenovo came up with a unique design to combat this that uses 2 metal fans and 2 large exhaust vents to efficiently disperse heat and keep everything at a nice running temperature.

The cooling system and hardware demand a lot of power from the battery. While the battery will last around 5 hours max, that is slightly misleading as the batter will only last around 2 hours while gaming. 2 hours isn’t bad for wireless gaming but we definitely recommend always bringing the charger with you wherever you plan on gaming.

   The Y720 has some serious hardware including:

   Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor

   NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB graphics card

   2TB hard drive, and a 1TB SSD

   5 hr battery (around 2 hours while gaming)

   Bluetooth connectivity

   And many more features such as 3 USB ports an HDMI port and 1 thunderbolt type C port.

The Lenovo Legion Y720 is not only a great gaming laptop, but a great gaming rig in general. That being said, it comes at a cost depending on what features you want. The Y720 is not a beginner rig, nor is it for the casual gamer.

More hardcore gamers can easily justify the price tag, especially if they plan on gaming in VR, while more casual gamer may have more trouble. Over all the Y720 is well worth the price, depending on how you game.