The Movie Maker Video System Review

A budget slider for your phone, GoPro or small point and shoot camera. Seems like a great idea for a video hungry world. Does the Grip Gear Movie Maker Video System make sense for you? Here is our review.

Grip Gear created the Movie Maker, which we will moving forward refer to as the MM, to hold your smaller cameras and phones. 

iPhones, GoPros and small Sony, Canon, Nikon point and shoot cameras are all meant to work with the MM.

The MM is a motorized slider, meaning the camera will slide down this rail system to create more dynamic video opportunities. 

It is a cool look that is a staple of most videographers. What makes the MM different from a video perspective is how it travels down the rail and the subsequent vibrations created. 

This is our biggest hangup with the MM is while the portion of the slider that travels and holds the camera, it will shake as it hits certain portions of the rail, specifically the middle part where the two pieces of rail connect.

You will see in some of the sample video below, the whole frame will change when the camera hits that position on the rail. Now this can be a huge problem, but it also can be okay. It depends on the shot. 

Remember, this is a $100 slider system that is using your phone or some other smaller camera, quality isn't one of the first words that comes to mind. 

We do event videography on the side and this comes in handy. It's not a primary camera slider, we use it as a through in to get something different in almost a set it and forget it type of approach. It travels very well because it is super light weight and can be left pretty much setup.

The MM runs on batteries and isn't very powerful, the slider is quite slow even at the highest setting. It has been nice for time lapses but doesn't move fast enough to be used for too much else. 

Vlogers and product reviews will love this thing because it gives you a small and cheap way to get more interesting angles for their content. 

The feet are really adjustable and can clamp to objects for even more creative uses than some sliders. Without a level it is difficult to tell if your shot is level and that would have been a nice addition. 

Also, the screw thread ball joint is very flimsy and doesn't feel very secure with a camera on it. Just something to watch as we have it longer. 

Another cool feature is that you can take the motor off the rail and set it up to do panorama video as the camera connects to the ball joint and then to a different attachment. Another novelty usage but could be cool.

It's hard to beat a $100 slider. But this is just for smaller cameras and really shouldn't be used as the lone slider out in the field if you are a true professional videographer. If you do product reviews, own a business and make videos for promotion or like making simple videos, this is a great slider for you.