Lenovo Legion Y520 Laptop Review

Recently, we had the opportunity to play around with the Legion Y520 from Lenovo, and here's how it changed how we look at gaming laptops.


Having never had the proper chance to sit down with a gaming laptop, we had many of the same misconceptions as a lot of people, one being that they cant be as powerful as a big desktop, we were wrong. 
The Legion Y520 is just about as powerful as any gaming desktop that we have played on. We never felt like we were missing out on graphics, or that we were playing a lesser version of any game. No stutters, no laggy frame rate, it just worked.

      Ease of Use:
The Legion Y520 from Lenovo is extremely easy to use. With not one, not two, but three USB ports, its never hard to find room for a mouse (recommended), a headset, and a phone, or whatever else needs charged. We especially appreciate the Ethernet port, as people who don't enjoy lag, we take the chance to hard wire whenever possible. 

Many laptops these days are getting rid of things like disc drives and ethernet ports so it was really nice to have. Hard wiring was really helpful when downloading games, which wasn't an issue with a 512GB SSD and an additional 2TB HDD, we never ran out of space.


This is where the Legion really showed us how great a laptop can be. Forget about taking it out of the house, just simply being able to relax on the couch, recliner, wherever, and still be able to play on PC was an eye opener for us. Yeah, sure you can hook up a PC to your TV, but that's still not portable for one, and then you still have to have find a place a separate keyboard and mouse. 

With the Legion Y520 from Lenovo, it was very easy to set up wherever we felt like playing, just the computer and a mouse is all you need most of the time. For long gaming sessions we noticed we would need to plug in to a power outlet after about two hours of hard gaming. But without the stress of high quality games, the battery should last you about 4 hours +.


The Legion Y520 from Lenovo has a massive 15.6" HD display which is great for playing or even watching your favorite games. The screen brightness is easily adjustable using helpfully marked keyboard shortcuts, making it easy to game anytime, anywhere. 

Overall we were happy to make the small compromise of having a bigger overall computer, to have a big screen, it really helps put the Legion Y520 from Lenovo on top of all other competition.


The Y520 from Lenovo has a very clean look, but with hardcore gaming elements sprinkled in. The all black color with red accents makes it look like it was made for an adult who enjoys games, rather than for a kid, having all kinds of crazy neon colors all over the place like a lot of gaming computers on the market. The keyboard is riddled with easy typing use, helpful shortcuts such as keyboard and display brightness, and volume. Design wise, we found Legion Y520 was definitely designed with the user in mind and it shows.

        The Legion Y520 from Lenovo comes with an available:

        Intel core i7 Processor
        Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card
        16 GB of ram
        512 GB SSD and 2TB HDD
        15.6" LED HD display
        4 USB ports (1 type c)
        1 HDMI port
        1 3.5 mm audio jack
        1 microphone jack
        RJ45 LAN (Ethernet)
        4 in 1 card reader


We've had a lot of fun with the Legion Y520 from Lenovo and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a gaming laptop, or even a gaming PC. We can't wait to see what Lenovo will come out with next.