KontrolFreek Destiny Ghost Thumbsticks Review

A new, big release and KontrolFreek has a thumbstick for that. In honor the release of Destiny 2, KF released their Ghost thumbsticks for Ps4 and XBOX One with one of the most unique designs yet. 

The all white (they are apparently grey, but I just don't see it) thumbsticks look amazing on any color controller (we prefer the white on white look). 

Made in collaboration with Bungie, the Ghosts have a crown top that provides a unique feel and surface. 

Giving you a little more to grab on to it makes sense in theory although we just weren't sure as we are used to the flat if not raised tops. What KF has down is given you a D-Pad for your thumb. 

Great control and comfort, your thumb sits in the middle and feels comfortable while giving you the range of motion of a much taller thumbstick. 
The Ghosts are mid-height but the angles on the top give the player a more comfortable feel as they take the sticks in a circular motion. It is like a hybrid but with the comfort of a shorter stick. 

Meant the FPS, the Ghost has also treated us well on sports games and racing where you hold the sticks in a constant direction like FIFA.

It was a different experience and one we weren't sure if we would like. But we really did. Maybe they aren't your everyday thumbsticks but for shooters they will give you a great feel.