Project Nursery Wifi Monitor Review

I've been using an audio baby monitor since our girl was born. At the time we lived in a one story house and she was always just a few feet from me so I didn't think a video monitor was necessary. 
I really only used the monitor when I was working in the basement and I wanted to hear her wake up from naps.

When we moved into our new house a few months ago, I knew it was time to upgrade our monitor as well!

The Project Nursery Wifi Monitor fits our needs perfectly. It delivers a crisp, clear colored picture during the day and a clear black and white night vision picture overnight. 

I am very impressed with the cameras picture quality. We use the project nursery app on our phones and even through the Wifi connection, it still delivers a very clear, real time video feed.

Additional features include a talk back option from the app so we can check in and see what she's up to and talk to her when we're away from the house. You can also record the video feed from the app and take screenshots. 

The app also tells you the temperature of her room, which is surprisingly helpful when I'm trying to decide what PJs to put her in!

The camera has a generous tilt and rotation ability so you can maneuver the  camera from the app to see your baby from anywhere in the room. Also very good night vision and high quality mic picks up clear sound.

It also lets you zoom in for a closer look at what your munchkin is up to! There are predrilled holes in the base of the camera so you can easily mount it to your ceiling or wall if you wanted. Ours just sits on her nightstand.

The camera plugs into the wall and stays on all the time. It was easy to turn on and we installed the app in minutes. We do not have a monitor, we only use the app on our phones so I can't speak for the battery life or feed quality of a monitor.

I like the fact that Project Nursery gives you the option to purchase just the camera for about $100 or the camera with a monitor for under $200 at most retailers.

We are very impressed at the response from the app. If you have good wifi or strong data connection, you should get a great feed from the app. 

We only have a few cons regarding the app. The first is that it drains battery life from your phone so you'll want to make sure your fully charged or plug your phone in while in use. 

The second is that it makes your phone very hot after running for more than 20 minutes. 
You can tell your phone is using a lot of energy to produce the feed. 

Lastly, if you click off the app to check an email or Facebook or a text message, you're going to lose the feed and will have to reconnect to the app.

Overall, we are very happy with the quality and price of the camera, as well as the speed and features of the app.

For us, it works perfectly for occasional check ins when we're out of the house or if she wakes up in the middle of the night and we want to see what she's doing before we go into her room.