Exogear Phone Car Mounts Review

We tried out three ExoGear car mounts, the Ultra (a suction cup mount), the Magnet Air (a magnet based air vent mount) and the Touch CD (a mount that sits in your CD slot).

The Magnet Air includes two magnets, one circle and one rectangle shaped, that stick onto your phone or phone case with a strong 3M adhesive.

The magnet then attaches to the other magnet on the mount.

We were very impressed with the strength of the magnet, even with our iPhone 6s Plus with an Otterbox.

All of that weight didn't budge while driving around and going over some speed bumps.

The mount secures in an air vent in your car, another strong and secure connection.

On the Magnet Air the mount has an easily adjustable arm that will allow you to orient your phone to your liking.

Quality materials and a strong build give you a great piece of mind about your phone's safety.

Over to the Touch CD which is another great mount with a strong build. It slides into your CD slot and then, using a screw on the mount, will expand a mouth that grabs the CD slot very securely.

This was probably our favorite mount because it put the phone right where I wanted it in my Kia Optima and was super secure.

The arms expanded very wide to make room for my 6s Plus and Otterbox case with no issue.

There is a button in the cradle of the case that automatically collapses the arms around the phone when it is placed in between the arms.
The CD Slot mount was also extremely secure when driving around. The arms were nice and snug but also allowed your phone to slide out with ease.

To take the mount out of the slot, just turn the screw at the bottom to loosen the jaws that are grabbing the inside of your CD slot and pull out. It is all very easy to install in minutes.

The Exomount Ultra can be mounted on about any surface and is perfect for GPS or just listening to music.

The Exomount comes with a super strong suction cup  that can be mounted on any surface and holds up to abuse.

Use the Exomount with any phone, small or large, with three different arm positions and a tight clamp, the Exomount can be customized to fit any mobile device.

With 360° swivel the Exomount can be easily positioned to the perfect angle.