KontrolFreek FPS Freek® Call of Duty®: Heritage Edition Thumbsticks Review

Want to take your gaming to another level? KontrolFreek is there to help with an array of different thumb stick add ons that will aid your gaming experience. Here is our review of one of the many, the Call of Duty Heritage Edition.  
The Heritage Edition thumb sticks come with one short and one tall. This is common in FPS games to allow you more range of motion with your weapon. The short stick is concave while the tall stick is convex, which provides even more control over the stick that you put it on.

Both the tall and short stick have star imprinted
grips which provide a ton of grip for your thumbs. What is especially nice is that they have been very comfortable during long gaming sessions. The Heritage Edition is military green and is really raised on the edges for great control.  

From Minecraft to Fallout, the COD Heritage KontrolFreek thumb sticks are perfect for comfort and control for all types of games. They stood up to the challenge of fine tuned movements and long sweeping gestures, which makes them a good entry  into the KontrolFreek realm. 

The one thing you will need to get used to is an elevated thumb stick, in this case the right one. It will take some time and some bad rounds to get used to it, but you will be back registering head shots in no time.