KontrolFreek GamerPack Alpha Thumbsticks Review

By: Jimmy Smith

Love this move from KontrolFreek to package two very broad usage thumb sticks in the same box. The GamerPack Alpha is a marriage of two of their best selling sticks, the low-rise Alpha and mid-rise CQC Signature. 

First the Alpha, which we love for left-stick movement gameplay. It was designed to give you extra grip and range of motion and it does just that with its wider thumb surface.

We loved it for Fifa and other sports and racing games where you are constantly moving the left stick. Because of the wider surface area it really cut down on fatigue and allowed for longer playing sessions.

Now you can set up the Alphas on both sticks but we love the CQC Signature’s proprietary rubber compound and unique concave/convex hybrid surface for the right stick. Finer and quick twitch movements are much smoother and easier with the added 6.1mm of height.

There is so much grip on the CQCs and loved the pairing for Rainbow Six: Siege and Overwatch. It was great for Fifa as well.

The GamerPack Alpha is probably the best way to get started with KontrolFreek. The Alpha and CQC are the most dynamic thumbsticks that KF offers and will give you great results on almost any game.