Brainwavz Delta Blu Headphones Review

The successful Delta line from Brainwavz has a new member to the family. A Bluetooth brother has been born and here is our review.


The ear piece is a well-constructed all-metal housing that really stands out. The red end cap is a really good looking touch. One of the things we didn't love was the size of the in-line remote.

The reason makes sense, that is where the battery is located as opposed to the ear piece like in some cases. This size makes them weigh a little more and sway when running with them on. The included cable cinch and clip provide a little more of a secure fit.

Included are 3 sets of silicone ear tips in small, medium and large sizes and 1 set of Comply foam tips. The Complys are always a great addition by Brainwavz.

The Delta line of earbuds are considered one of the best values in headphones. Making them Bluetooth seemed like a logical step. These are, like most Brainwavz headphones, are strong in the mid and upper mid range which makes music like classical or music that features instruments sound great on them. There is a great balance to them but bass is missing. We like bass but some people like that pure sound be these are a good safe choice.

They are flexible and affordable at around $45. They will hold a charge for around eight hours and will charge full in about two hours. With 30 feet of range they allow you the ability to move around without losing signal. They have trouble with lots of walls or other interference sources like lights or metal but in an open space they will really show their range.

Included is a nice hard-shelled case, the charging cable, ear tips, clip and cable strap.