KontrolFreek Controller Charger Cable for PS4

They are friendly to your controller, on all fronts. Not just for your thumbs anymore, KontrolFreek has released a 12 ft USB charging cable for Ps4. You don't have to suffer from a low or dead battery.  
Basically this is just a very long, flat and well-made USB-to-micro-USB cable that has data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps and comes equipped with gold plated contacts designed to reduce wear. 

Color wise you can choose between green, blue or the red we received. I unwrapped it before I could get nice pictures of it so I used the provided KontrolFreek images.

Meant to be long enough to allow you to charge while still playing, the cable is flat and braided so that it is meant to keep from tangling. Sounds good in theory and when it is in use, because its so long, when coiling back up for storage it can get a tiny bit tangled.

The best feature of this cable is something that seems so simple. A built-in charge indicator will change from red to green to let you know the controller (or whatever you have plugged in) is fully charged. Nice addition to the cable, although Ps4 controllers already let you know that with their own light indicators.

For just $13, its just over a dollar a foot which is a decent value for a well-built cable like this. If you find yourself having to play near the system while it charges, this might be a good option to get you back to the comfort of your bed or couch.