JBL Clip 2 Speaker Review

By: Shana O'Malley

Something small can be powerful. JBL knows that and harnessed that when releasing the Clip 2. Here is our review of the waterproof bluetooth speaker. 
First off, what's in the box?
The JBL Clip 2
MicroUSB charging cable
Instructions & warranty information

The hockey-puck sized Clip 2 is sturdy. The front is covered with JBL's characteristic woven fabric with a JBL logo at the bottom. The top is adorn with a triangular carabiner attached to the Clip by a  silicone ring. You can finagle the carabiner off, but there is NO REASON to do that in our opinion.

A soft-touch rubber material coats the rest of the unit with a flat finish that resists fingerprints and scuffs. Easy to find and press buttons are on both sides and on the right you will find the power and Bluetooth pairing buttons with a flap-covered MicroUSB charging plug between the two. The volume and call buttons are located on the left side of the speaker. In the center of the ring at the bottom of the Clip 2 is a male aux jack cord in a secure wrapping channel. We reviewed this awesome orange one (they call it red), but JBL also offers teal, black, blue and grey. 

The market is being flooded with bluetooth speakers around this size and price. Some are waterproof, some aren't. But most don't sound like this or have these features.

With the micro USB flap closed securely, the Clip 2 is IPX7 rated, which means that you can fully submerge it in about three feet of water for up to 30 minutes with no issues. This is a true statement, we submerged ours for 20 minutes in a backtub (didn't want to chance it too much) and not only did it keep playing (not sure why you would want to play it underwater) but it did the whole time. 

I guess this makes it a worry-free option at the pool or on a boat, something that makes it an attractive option for the outdoor types.
Another cool feature that we were not able to try because we only had one unit is the ability to connect two Clip 2s together to amplify sound by holding the Bluetooth button on each speaker for five seconds

On top of all of that, it is a microphone for fielding phone calls. It offers a decent speakerphone experience for when you are caught in need of hands free.

On top of all of that, the Clip 2 is a speaker with eight hours of play time. Clarity is a high point in the amazing sound it produces. There is a sweet spot for the Clip 2. Keep the volume of the Clip 2 to about half way and it will perform the best. Mids are strong and vocals are clear.  

Not a lot of bass to speak of but what comes out is cautious. It can get quite loud too. We recommend push the volume on the output device instead of cranking the Clip 2 but it can fill your living room with sound. it works great in the shower too. 

With waterproof capabilities, phone call capabilities, great sound, looks and a carabiner, the Clip 2 might just have it all.