Brainwavz Krudul Duo Headphone Hanger Review

At first touch the Krudul Duo is very solid and sturdy.  The 3M acrylic foam tape is soft enough to be able to mold around imperfections and curves yet strong enough to hold a pretty heavy winter coat with ease.  I was also able to move it a few times to different surfaces (I used a metal cabinet vertically, a wooden desk horizontally and a plastic shelf) without it losing its stick.

I have tested this product for both its intended use, to hold earphones, as well as even providing as a make shift tool to help keep my desk clear of unnecessary computer wires. A cool side job for the Krudul.

The die-cast aluminum design is very sturdy and not able to be bent or manipulated in any way and trust me I tried. I even went as far as to stand on it to see if there was any type of flex at all and nope. The Duo does comfortably hold earbuds and most importantly helps keep the wires straight to avoid having to untangle them every time when removing them from a drawer.

                Overall this is a very solid and well-designed product that allows for flexibility and versatility. Do you need them, that is up to you. If you have nice set of earbuds or headphones are the office and want an out of the way but very reachable place to put them? This might be your best friend.


By: Mike Smith