BrainWavz Jives Earbuds Review

Affordable ear buds that sound good are an extremely valuable asset. There are cheap and there are expensive, but what about a value? BrainWavz has created a niche with their good personal audio products to users at affordable prices. Here is our review of their Jives.

The Jives are an in-ear set with an extended earpiece that sits deep inside your ear canal, which gives it excellent sound isolation and passive noise canceling. The Jives have a very quality build to them. The buds are a solid plastic that almost, based on its weight, feel like aluminum. That's not a bad thing, just a solid product and there is nothing wrong with that. They also come in a few colors like purple, green, red, blue the white we tried and black.

On top of the three sizes of in-ear silicone ear tips that are included you get a pair of Comply Foam ear tips, which are form fitting and will give you a top-notch fit and improved isolation. You also get a shirt clip, a cable wrap and a hard carry-case

According to BrainWavz the Jives have 9mm dynamic drivers, with a 16Ohm impedance rating, 20-20,000Hz frequency range, 98dB sensitivity. Now what does that mean? The Jives are not built for bassheads, and lacks any real punch and there's a slight reduction in the low-end response which keeps the headset from sounding particularly intense with bass-heavy tracks.

We are fans of bass but know that in that small of a space it is very hard for the speaker to handle bass well. This is all made ok because they are also extremely clean and sharp sounding as well. Crisp responses in the mid-range, the mids tend to sound flat and equal all through the lower and upper mid-range, which helps in achieving this level of clarity. All of this is very impressive for the $25 price tag.

If you use headphones for calls as well, these offer a decent mic. Didn't have any issues of clarity or distant sound during calls so these would be nice if you want to use them that way. The cable and in-line remote and microphone are also color-matched in the colors mentioned above. Like most the remote is plastic and features a three-button layout. The cable is an ordinary rubber-wrapped one but its durable. The trade off is that it's extremely tangle-prone.

Value is the word here. The Jives are a great pair for working out, commuting or just all-around use. At just $25 its hard to pass on these and their solid build and ability to handle many forms of music. Think of them as a step up from those cheap ones you see while checking out at the grocery store.