Macally 104 Key Wired USB Keyboard Review

A keyboard is the start of your computer experience and efficiency. Well have about a keyboard with 104 keys and 15 Mac OS X shortcut keys and plug-and-play connection? Macally has you covered with the MKeyX.

This lightweight white keyboard is well built and easy to get used to because of the great use of the space on the board. The keys aren't too close and allow your fingers to find their destination with ease.

We also really liked the feedback and "click" from the keys. Its great to have that response and feel. I know that is a preference but I know that is a big point of contention with keyboards. So if you like it, its here. I like that it has shortcut keys for some common tasks like Quit, Cut, Copy, Paste, Music/DVD functions, Mute, Volume, PrintScreen, Print, Zoom, and Brightness. I also like that it has arrow keys as some seem to forget those these days.

Because its wired the install was easy to setup, my MBP worked with it right away. The USB cable is also fairly long so it will work with almost all desk setups.

For $30 its a great multi-function keyboard for the price. The low-profile feel is also a welcome addition and so is the clean look.