Monster SuperStar Hotshot Bluetooth Speaker Review

Monster released their portable rechargeable speaker the Hotshot earlier this year. It's the summer, perfect time to try out the perfect little speaker. It's great at the beach and great on the deck. Long battery life and a superb range highlight our review.
Hard shell plastic covers an egg-shaped speaker. A strong mesh netting of sorts protects the speaker cone. 

There is a rubber hook spot on the top that allows you to use the included carabiner to attached the speaker to things not normally possible. 

I can control the songs and volume from my phone from anywhere in my house or outside the house. It uses Bluetooth and multiple devices can connect to it at once. Turn your backyard or outing into a song request party and quick switch sound sources and take turns playing songs on separate phones.

It also features and aux jack in case the device you're using doesn't have Bluetooth. 

The speaker itself sounds excellent for being so small. It has a loud output and can be heard in the next room when turned up all the way. We also had it out on our deck and the music could be heard throughout my backyard. Very impressive sound quality and range for such a compact speaker. 

Bass struggles as the unit will literally bounce around from its own vibrations but since the speaker is the size of a tweeter, bass will never be its thing.

The package includes a Micro USB cable so you can charge it anywhere you'd charge your cell phone. Battery life holds for about eight hours and through multiple uses before it needs juiced up. 

It's a great speaker to throw in a bag and take with you on the go. Great for the outdoors or around the house. At $60 for the clarity and Bluetooth range, Monster SuperStar Hotshot Bluetooth Speaker is quite a good deal.