KontrolFreek Galaxy and SCAR Thumbsticks

Accessorizing your controller could give you the advantage you need and KontroFreek has tons of options to fit your style.
We tried the Galaxy and SCAR thumbsticks for the PS4 on Rainbox6 Siege and Uncharted 4. 

This was the first set that had two different heights to them, others are either both low or high. The Galaxy gives you the ability to switch your technique on the go. 

Whether aiming or movements deserve the extra attention you can flip the tall one over to the right stick to give you the finesse of sniper aiming or the quick twitch movement of a racing game.
The top of the Galaxy is concave and has a lot to grab on to so they won't slip. The ability to change them up and the top's grippiness made them our preferred of the two. But I personally don't like tall thumbsticks. 

The SCAR sticks are Call of Duty branded as part of the partnership with KontrolFreek. The top of the thumbsticks is brandished with a skull as part of the aggressive look. 

That emblem also gives a lot of area to create grip. Those indents on the top make the SCAR the best grip we have had on a KF stick. Still don't love tall ones but that again is a personal preference. The grip and concave design did make them very comfortable as well.

The SCAR is a great snipping stick and the Galaxy is very dynamic because of one stick at each height. Your style and preference is what is important here. Both are comfortable and both really do the job. Try them out and see what you like.