Macally iUSBFlash Review

What a great little tool for all of you that take a lot of pictures and video on your phone. Now you can back up your device on the go. Here is more about the Macally iUSBFlash.

Its very easy to use. Right out of the box, just download the app and plug it into the device. Fire the app and the screen prompts are easy. The device lets you back up your contacts, photos, videos and music on to the flash drive and then easily put onto a computer, either Mac or PC. 
Just think you are on a vacation and forgot to clean out your phone and need to shoot some video and have no space. Problem gone, just dump your phone on to this little guy and you are ready to go. With 64GB of space, you can use this with almost any Apple device out their now. 

Some cases might need to be taken off to use it. The data backup process varies based on how much but I was able to back up contacts in three minutes. Pictures and videos took 20 minutes for 400+ files (lots of video). 

At $60, maybe the price will slide down, but because this isn't just a flash drive and you can back up your device without a computer, that explains the price