Lumsing USB 6-Port Desktop Charger Review

Lumsing is an accessories company that uses the power of Amazon to sell its products ranging from power banks to cables. We had the chance to review the 6-port 60W desktop USB charger. 


Its a solid built. The charger itself is heavy, which is meant to keep it securely on your desk. Because of its weight it can either be laid flat or flipped on its side to fit into tight spots.

The package comes with two micro usb cords that are provided are thicker than normal cables and will provide extra protection from bending and breaking.

This is perfect for a family or a shared office space. With few outlets in ideal locations have a splitter for up to five devices, its perfect. Because its smart it will automatically switch to the right charging mode. Based on the number of devices plugged in the charger will charge up to 3 amps per port or 12 amps overall.

I charged five devices at once. Two Ps4 controllers (something other chargers don't do for some reason), a Galaxy Note 4, an iPad Mini and an iPhone 5c. The controllers were full within 45 minutes and the phones and tablet went from 0 to full in 2 and half hours.

Moral of the story is that it charges what ever you put to it. From tablets to phones, Lightning cables to USB.

The charger was only a little warm after all of that work and cooled to normal within a few minutes. 

If you need a universal charging hub for all of the people in your life this is for you.