BrainWavz Truss, Hengja and Hooka Headphone Holders

BrainWavz also gives you a way to protect, organize and show off their headphones. Headphone hangers in the Truss and Hengja are a cool way to display your gear.
Lets start with the Truss, its the double headphone hanger. 

The first reaction is how well built it is. It feels so strong with its metal body and thick phalanges. The Truss is a good looking holder as well.

The space where the headband hangs is wide so it provides a sturdy surface for the headphones to hang. A lip on the end also keeps them where you want them without them falling off. Where the Truss gets all of its appeal is its 3M tape adhesive mounting capabilities. The 3M is super strong and allows you to apply to anything, we put it under an audio rack in the office. 
It also goes under a desk, in a locker, anywhere and the tape/glue/adhesive is very strong and you can give it some force and it wont budge. That is also a downside because its not easy to move to a new locale after you lock it in. 

The single headphone hanger is the Hengja. Still made of metal, the Hengja is a little less firm as the Truss. One big difference is the reliance on screws and tension to change the orientation of the hanger and the ability to move it around by clamping onto surfaces. 

That method gives it a weaker look but more functionality. Because it can move around and adjust to different sized desks or hanging points, it allows for users to get more out of it. 

The space on which the headband hangs is wide and long, wished there was a lip to make sure the headphones don't slip off too easy but that hasn't been an issue. BrainWavz also included a screwdriver to tighten the Hengja to any surface it can get wide enough to connect to.

UPDATE: BrainWavz sent us the Hooka, which is a wonderful combination of the Hengja and Truss. Its got 3M take like the Truss but holds a single headphone like the Hengja. We really thought this was the best offering from Brainwavz. Another sturdy built piece made of the same material as the Truss but great for people with just one set of headphones. May even be able to sneak another set on there because the landing area is very long, longer than the other two.

Big question is "do you need them?" Good question. The Truss and Hengja will project and organize your headphones at your desk, in the office, locker, etc... Its a good way to make those expensive headphones last a little long and stay out of danger. Also in both cases you can hang over the ear and in ear headphones to keeps them in one place. If this is something you think your messy life needs, the Truss or Hengja is the way to go. And at $15 a piece, the price is great for the function.