ASAP Connect USB Cable Review

Cables, sometimes you can't live with them, but you definitely can't live without them. ASAP is here to save the day. Here is our review of the Connect USB Cable. We received the micro-USB gold-colored cable for review.

The reason to get this cable, its magnetic. No longer will you have to find the port or make sure it is plugging in the right way, it will click into place on its own. This is the heart of the tech for ASAP and what a great idea it is. 

Not only will this make plugging your device in to charge easier, say in the car or in the dark, but it yank proof as well. You can charge with one hand as well. Say when you are driving and need to plug your phone in while it sits in a cradle, the cable will snap into place. There is a lot of tech behind the cable as well, from rare earth neodymium magnets, 18K gold plated connectors, aluminum shield and nylon braided cables.

In order to make it work you will need to seat that tip into your phone when ever you want to use that cable. That is the big downside. It makes sense though. You will need to make a whole sale change in your cables if you want to use this tech. Grab a couple, one for work and one for home, but taking that tip out and trying not to lose it seems like it would be difficult. 

Because that tip extends out of the phone, it might interfere with cases or clips. But another worry is exposure to dust and liquid over time. Didn't really test it that way but will keep you updated. The nylon braided cable is strong and will stand up to fraying or cracking like many out of the box cables endure. And with the internals 2.4A rated and compatible with all current fast-charging and data transfer technologies, this is a cable that is built to last.

Its a premiere cable with some great functionality just hard to really get into using it with my phone case. When it is fully released, it will eventually retail for $39 but grab one right now for $21 on IndieGoGo.