SteelSeries Siberia 350 Headset Review

Our second review of a SteelSeries headset comes in the form of the 350. Here is our review of the 200s and these are a noticeable upgrade. Lets take a look.

HOW DO THEY LOOK/FEEL?:The sturdiest SteelSeries headset we have tried and they address a lot of our issues. Its a sleek look with upgraded foam ear cushions and a headband suspension system that gives great fit and comfort allowing for endurance wear. Nothing to mention in terms of headaches or heat generated. The sound leaks out pretty bad and they aren't great in terms of passive noise canceling, maybe the ear cup seal didn't work with me.

The big difference in the 350s in looks terms beyond the suspension system is a customizable color on the outside of the ear pieces. Why? Not sure, now one can really see you unless you are a tournament gamer or host a LAN. 

Guess its cool, doesn't seem to drive the price up, at least hope it didn't. You can chance the color and sound profile using the SteelSeries Engine 3. This gives you the chance to make audio changes for movies to FPS games to racing games and those changes can be saved so those specs open with the particular apps.

First, these are PC gaming headsets. The short five foot USB cable won't cut it and they, unlike other Siberias, do not have 3.5 mm headphone jacks allowing them to be used with PS4 controllers or for music even. This really limits their use but SteelSeries makes gaming stuff, so duh... But the short cable is problematic when connecting to a console. 
Now sound wise, these are good for the price. Sometimes gaming headphones are either too bassy or pitchy. The 350s are great midline, almost monitor-like, natural sounding headphones. Bass is ok, they handle voices better and mimic surround sound, which really helps you on the gaming side. Directional and positional games like R6 Siege or other shooters are great on these because the shots, steps and sounds reproduce true to form. 

Much like the 200s, a microphone can telescope from your right ear and bends which ever way you want. The mic really could use a widescreen because the popping of "Ps" were very prevalent. A little tinny sounding and thin, this is really where SteelSeries should focus moving forward but for the price, that mic is good enough. 

Down the cable is a really nice and responsive in-line audio control. 
The control is only for controlling volume of sounds, the mic doesn't have an in-line control but rather a mute switch on the back of the left ear cup. The USB connection is easy to use and immediately was recognized on our Macbook Pro as an input and output option as well as the PS4.

At just over $100, these are well priced and have good comfort and sound. Feature wise, sort of lacking because their limited use because of the USB. Comfort gaming with decent sound for a good price is why you will flock to the 350s.