Monster ClarityHD Bluetooth Headphones Review

Monster wants to replace your factory earbuds with the ClarityHD line. They gave us a chance to try the Bluetooth version. Here are our thoughts.

These are entry-level buds and many of the frills are removed to keep the cost down. That doesn't effect much but in this category they don't feature aggressive looks. The ClarityHDs are well built and a little on the larger side. Similar to the BrainWavz we just tried, they stick out of your ear a bit but feature an angled in-ear portion that helps secure the fit a little more.

The cable has a soft silicone feel, it may show wear over time and seems a little fragile. The in-line controls are about halfway down the right side and are your spot for for charging, volume control, and a track control and call answer button. The cable is just long enough to wrap around the back of your neck, or dangle in front of you, and it has a small plastic separator to manage its length. Included in the box is a small black microfiber pouch meant for carrying the earbuds in, but in the box, it held the Micro USB charging cable and the different sized ear gels.


Pairing is easy, like most devices these days. You simply press and hold the multifunction button for a few seconds. “ClarityHD Wireless” will appear in the Bluetooth menu and you can select it.

Remember that a lot of the design was spared in place of the sound and that in fact worked. Such a full sound for such a low price, great range of highs and lows and balance across all music. Mids shine in most cases but there is bass when needed. Like I said, full. 

There are three included earbud sizes for your comfort. The included "medium" size didn't fit too well for us, we had to bump down to small. Make sure you use the correct earbuds for the best fit and sound.

Price seems to be the draw here, you can score these for less than $70 on Amazon. And because Monster has the tech behind their product, these are a great value at at that price point. Many people want cheap, and these are what you are looking for if you still want to enjoy your tunes.