Kontrol Freek Review

Want a way to step your game up? Controller accessories are one way to go and we had a chance to try some new stuff from the leader in making you game better. Here is our review of the Kontrol Freek Inferno, SQC Signature and new SNPR thumbsticks and control Grip.

I didn't think I would like such a raised thumbstick but the extra smoothness and increased coverage, it really worked well. SNIPR is really meant for a little more deliberate movements seen in distance shooting (sniping) situations and driving games. We loved it while playing Rainbow Six: Siege but only when using certain guns. It really shines as a sniper. 
Its not meant for close quarters and quick twitch movements. Its just too big for things like that so sports games and the way Call of Duty has become (such fast paced) it might not suit you. But because increases your total range of motion by almost double, its ideal if you are tracking for a headshot and have to take your finger off to reset and move that last little bit.

The tallest thumbstick in the KontrolFreek lineup, FPS Freek Snipr's domed thumb surface is designed for optimum grip and comfort for all you long-range weapons users. The crosshair is deeply etched and is the grippy-est of the three we tested.

We played for a good five hours straight with them and didn't feel there would be an endurance issue. The green and brown gives it the military fatigue look that matches its purpose. 

The red-sticked thumb accessories are one of the two taller joy sticks we tried joining the SNIPR. The biggest difference here is a concave indention on the top. The height boosts range of motion by over 115% which allows you to track targets all over the screen. 
The spiral design was the most comfortable of the three because your thumb falls into them and we can definitely agree they are meant for slightly larger hands because we enjoyed there feel the most.

Being red was also a big change, they stood out the most and provided the most style with any color controller. The Inferno's height makes them similar in usage as the SNIPRs but the concave top was a little more comfortable for us.

Our favorite and most versatile thumbstick was the CQC Signature. It was the shortest and provided the quickest movement, but that movement was in tight range. As the name suggests, this is for Close Quarters Combat, translation, lots of fast-paced movements seen in sports games, shooters and fighting games. 
The height is comfortable and will be less of an adjustment from the original thumbsticks. They also seem to be meant for smaller hands. The green color and KF on the top is an ultimate look for the Kontrol Freek brand and these are a great starting point for people who want to test the waters. They aren't too specialized and you will get a lot of use out of them.


A full-body wrap for the controller that gives you that extra grip you need. It wicks moisture and is padded with foam which helps with endurance and comfort while the honeycomb-stamped Polymer optimizes airflow. 

The grip is a great addition to any controller and in any situation. It really made a difference in long gaming sessions and is such a comfort upgrade from the plastic shell of the controllers. It wraps around the back and gives great grip and hits all of the contact points that we had with the controller itself. 

These were all hard to review because they are very specialized and personal to the user. We liked them all for what they were meant for. They all did what they are supposed to do, but we did have a clear favorite based on our gaming style. We play so many different kind of games for this blog as well as personal preference and the CQC was the best in all situations. But the Inferno and SNIPR were excellent when we needed to zoom in. You can also mix and match them. We tried a combo of CQC on the left for movement and SNIPR on the right for aiming, we think that was a great match.

Luckily the thumbsticks and grips aren't too expensive at around $13 a piece. They give you an upgraded experience, no doubt, but how you want that experience is up to you, Kontrol Freek can fulfill any need.

Games played for testing:
R6: Siege
Madden 16
Rocket League
Battlefield 4
Drive Club
Fallout 4