BlueAnt Pump 2 Wireless HD Sportbuds Review

Look and Feel: At a glance, these Bluetooth sport earbuds appear a bit bulky in comparison to the typical wired earbud. The reasoning behind this extra bulk is pretty clear when you realize they boast a fairly long lasting battery along with the Bluetooth capability. Upon trying out these buds for the first time, I experienced a little bit of discomfort after only a half hour of use and had to spend time with one side out of my ear at a time. This problem seems to have gone away completely, since the next 10+ times I used the headphones, there was no noticeable discomfort throughout hours of usage, with a specific 2.5 hr length wearing them a majority of the time while being quite active. These headphones are intelligently made in the look and feel department, and do not feel bulky, like the initial thought I had opening the package.

Audio Quality: Upon testing these headphones, I was please to find the overall quality of the music coming out was above expectation I had for a wireless output. Scrolling through my music selection, I was happy to hear a nice range of trebles and mid ranges. On the other hand, the bass left much to be desired. It would be my preference to absolutely use these in a setting such as working out at the gym or running to keep your motivation up. Sounds as a whole come very crisp into your ears, and the extra sizes for the earpieces help ensure the isolation is effective.

Overall, these sport style headphones do what they need to do. Through all of my use, my only disappointment was the lack of balanced bass to go along with the nice highs and portability. My impression is that the headphones may be slightly higher in price than I would be willing to pay due to the missing fuller sound most would be looking for, thus bringing the overall grade down unfortunately.

Retail Price: $99.95

Overall Grade – C+