Phaz P2 Headphones Review

They power what you are listening to, in more ways than one. Here is our review of the headphones that have a portable battery in them, the Phaz P2s.

: Well for starters, they are decent headphones. The sound is ok for the price point buy the draw here is in the additional function that the P2s offer. An internal battery is the biggest feature here. The built-in 1,200mAh lithium polymer battery is certainly a good start, taking about 2 hours to fully charge before offering 10 hours of external charge, and it is certainly the P2's biggest selling point. 

That external charge can power your personal audio device such as an iPod, iPad and most obviously, your phone. Just plug your USB cable into the headphones and turn on the battery. We didn't notice any additional heat or discomfort with having a battery around your ear, seems weird but so right at the same time.

While the audio quality is not the best at the price point, the 15db bass booster button that sits beneath the left ear will give the extra punch to give a push to low powered sources without losing quality. It will only work when listening to high-def audio, a function that will also drain that battery. 

The 40mm ear speakers do a good job handling mid levels and decent with bass, not like Beats of v-modas, but are pretty true to form. 

Much of the P2's draw is in the functionality beyond traditional headphones. Another feature we like is the ability to share sound. Basically, there is an output on the P2s that allows a friend to listen to what you are listening to. Its a 2016 version of a headphone splitter. Nice feature and something that adds some niche bonus points with us. 

Using passive noise canceling ear pads and bass boost, the P2s blocked out a good bit of sound. 

They sport a modern look, relying on a carbon fiber pattern along the bridge and both sides. They came in a nice box with a cable to charge the headphones themselves as well as a cord with remote control and mic, as well as a soft zippered neoprene carry case. 

Although some might think these are bulky, we take that as build quality and stability. The P2s are strong feeling and feel good on your head. The ear cups are memory foam covered with perforated synthetic leather, which gives you room for your ears and they don't get hot. We didn't have any issues with wearing them over time either, they stay comfy for hours. Do wish there was some padding on the top strap though.

With the extra functionality the P2s sound quality is easy to look past. And now that the price has dropped from $250 to $189 on Amazon right now, the total package is looking better and better. Pair that with this being Phaz's first foray into the market and they just might be onto something.