BlueAnt Pump MiniHD Bluetooth Headphones

BlueAnt has moved into the personal audio realm over the last few years. They have been a welcome addition to the space and here is their newest wireless sports headphones, the Pump Minis.

Starting with the looks, we got a chance to review the neon green set. The colors include black, the green we tried and pink. The style goes from there and features a mesh look to the barrels and perforation-like holes on the stabilizers. There is a flat tangle-free cable with in-line controls and three prominent buttons that give great feedback when pressed.

Now how do they work. The fit is good, gives great comfort for a long wear. We review a lot of headphones and very times do we use the small eartips, but this time we did. Doesn't mean anything, just insight.

The sound is where we do have some insight. It was kind of just ok. Not amazing, but not bad at the price point. They can get loud, which is good.

As workout headphones they stay very fit with the stabilizers. Its good they do because the stabilizers do not come off. This headset is also sweat proof and water resistant, which is a great feature for working out or being outdoors.

The range of stays very mid heavy. Bass is not really present but it handles highs and mids well. The microphone is decent also, works well with iOS devices as the volume controls and Siri work using the in line control.

Battery wise, BlueAnt claims a 6+ hour life. We saw about five hours of continuous music. Bluetooth pairing was easy as well.