SteelSeries Rival 100 Gaming Mouse and QcK Gaming Mousepad

Comfort: This combo has been nothing but an easy adoption into my gaming arsenal. Straight out of the box, both pieces are very sleek and fit the typical hand like a glove. After the average session of 2-3 hours of play in a varying set of games, the comfort level after play was as if it didn’t happen. Movement across the pad is smooth and is not stressing in any manner. With the 30M-click switches, you can even rapidly click with no strain when times get crazy. 

On the outside, the rubberized grip that has been spread about the exterior leaves the gamer in complete control of the match. The only downfall that appeared was the use of the side buttons, which area great to use for macros that you do not use like the normal mouse buttons, but can make game changing adaptations on the fly with ease. These buttons only seem awkward due to the ergonomically placed thumb grip down the side, where they intend with a slight valley to make it more comfortable.

Precision: Boasting the 2000 CPI and 20G acceleration, this mouse keeps up with every move you can make precisely. The 2000 CPI is within a very good range, being at the top end of the range of CPI that actually makes a difference (any number higher really doesn’t show much change). It feels natural the dive right into using this mouse without much (if any) modification, and only considered changing anything for specific games after weeks of usage.

Customization: Of course, right out of the gate the mouse in this set is a perfect plug and play, but for the more hardcore audience out there you can download the SteelSeries Engine 3 to further tweak your settings and color effects. These settings that they strictly “point out” on the box as “tweakable” are way more intricate that originally lead to believe. 

Upon browsing around the menus of the engine, you can create custom settings and change them with a click, or even select from the premade settings for specific games (such as Counterstrike) and even scale the colors with remaining health during your matches. Settings like these create an entire environment that gamers like to immerse themselves in while playing their favorite games.

For the nice low price of this combo, there is a definite value to be gained from a purchase. Either piece alone would greatly impact your play, though the mouse would prove more beneficial on its own. The 6 buttons allow for macros to be set to the additional buttons and can be used to expand your arsenal when loading up into your favorite game. This purchase would be one that you would not regret one bit and can build upon, since the switches won’t wear down anytime soon.

Rival 100 Optical Gaming Mouse: $39.99
QcK Gaming Mousepad: $9.99

Overall Grade - A