SteelSeries Siberia 200 Review

 These headsets are the epitome of what our blog has become. Games and gadgets come together in a high-quality package that many people don't know about unless you are well versed in that community.

Lets talk about these headsets. The Siberia 200 is part of a line microphone-equipped over the ear headphones meant for gaming. Starting the looks the 200s we reviewed were a really sharp white. They feature very soft ear pads that sit on your ear without much force and a head band that creates a good fit and comfort on your head. 

A microphone can telescope from your right ear and bends which ever way you want. A great feature if you want to use the 200s as headphones, the mic gets out of the way easily.

Down the long cable, three quarters of the way down is an in-line audio controller that mutes the mic and controls volume. At the end of the cable is a mic and headphone 1/8" jack for easy connection to a computer. An included adapter connects to those two cables and combines them into one for use on newer laptops and as an audio only option.

Oddly there are no instructions included, something for an item like this, we would have just pitched anyway.

Audio quality wise, these are not audiophile headphones but there are listenable and largely clean--especially on vocals and acoustic guitars, although the headphones struggled to reproduce bass. Mids are there but not much else. Again, not the point of these.

That decent audio paired with the good microphone is why the 200s are a good balance of needs for gamers. The mic really could use a widescreen because the popping of "Ps" were very prevalent.

Gaming is known to be a lengthy thing, comfort wise the 200s hold up as well. They can be worn for many hours. Only issue we had was the on-ear cups sit on the ear oddly and don't keep much in the way of environmental noise out. On the flip side, the headphones do a good job of keeping music and sound in and not leaking out so others can hear too much.

Overall, these are really a decent pair of gaming headsets. They are reasonably comfortable to wear, they sound relatively good, and, if treated carefully, should last for sometime. A good mic and good headphone paired with a good sub $100 price tag makes these a good choice.