Klipsch R6i On-Ear Headphones Review

The Klipsch Reference R6i On-Ear Headphones are excellent headphones across the board. Very basic looking and without many bells and whistles. But sound is the name of the game and that is where they excel. For this review, I used these headphones on a long-weekend cross-country trip on planes and cars.

Lets talk fit first. They compact but sturdy, and fit easily into my carry-on bag (a large purse). The headphones come with a lightweight carrying pouch, which keeps the cable organized more than anything else. I wore them the majority of my four-hour flights with no discomfort.

 The earpieces are comfortable and lightweight and they're nice and soft but firm enough that they do a nice job isolating you from exterior sounds. The headband has supportive padding at the top as well, it helps hold a fit and help with wear endurance.

I listened to Top 40 and Country music on my iPhone and the songs sounded great. Even on a low to medium volume level, the headphones did a good job of blocking out the conversation next to me on my flight. I used the cord controller buttons with no problems. Same as most headsets, volume controls and a play/pause/track control middle button.

Now on to the sound quality. What a very nice, crisp sound along with a great low-end. Not overly bassy, which is a breath of fresh air in the world of headphones these days. They are an all around headphone with a low-end, through the mid-range and a nice clear high-end. 

What is the best part of these headphones is that they are only $100. While not being flashy, if you are an audio-phile, these are one to consider.