Jabra Sport Pace Bluetooth Headphones Review

Jabra has expanded their audio portfolio over the last few years. From BT headsets for solely phone usage to on-ear styled audiophile-directed, headphones, Jabra has a product for seemingly everyone.
Now a push toward sport headphones had the Sport Pace headphones on our ears. Here are our thoughts.

Sound is mid tone focused. It's warm and covers the range of most music really well. It's not an on-ear full sounding experience but for an in-ear BT device,  I think it's a really good one. 
Sports talk radio to bass-heavy rap music, the Pace BT headphones handled it all. Phone calls sounded good too. The mic was clear and controls easy to understand and interact with while moving around. 

The polarizing issue with headsets in this build is not audio quality but fit and comfort. And on the Pace, we enjoyed some great comfort. The plastic outer piece is bulky, but doesn't feel heavy on your ears. The in ear portion fit nicely with two other size options available. Everything feels strong and we'll built. And as opposed to the solely in ear brethren, the over the ear Paces fit and feel snug. 

At $100, these are well priced for what they do/sound like.