Security Man CarCam-SDE (II) Review

You may never need it and hopefully you don't. Not the best category for a product to be in, but that is what you are dealing with in the SecurityMan CARCAM-SDE and SDEII. They are dash cams that record your trip to the store in hopes of proving you were not responsible for any wrong doing when that car pulled out in front of you. 

The SecurityMan Carcam-SD will protect you by recording unpredictable incidents while you drive. 
The recorded video clips or photos can provide information to the insurance company about the weather, traffic, road condition, or activities of the driver during the occurrence of an accident. 

The Carcam-SDEs can be set to record automatically as soon as the ignition is on, as long as they are powered with the included car charger. Without the dedicated power the internal battery will hold about an hour long charge.

The camera is what seems to be an old Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera (based on its sounds and file format, AVI) that shoots up to 1080p and 30 frames a second. 

Nothing earth shattering in terms of quality but to get the job done and you off the hook, it will work. It is equipped with an impact sensing recording feature which automatically locks the recorded files whenever impact occurs. 

This feature keeps them from being overwritten by the system. This is NOT something we have tested for obvious reasons but seems to be a huge part of what makes the SDEs very appealing. This works by setting a recording length of :30, 1 minute, 3 minutes or continuous (until micro SD card, which is not included, is full), the file will rewrite itself until an impact finalizes and locks that file so its not overwritten.

The included suction cup is quite hardy and seems very strong on the windshield. Again the battery holds an hour of charge but the included car charger at 10 feet is long enough to get to your cigarette lighter port.

According to SecurityMan the SDEs will record up to 226/149 total minutes (at 480P/1080P) on a 32GB micro SD. The SDEs can also shoot 720p, which might help you achieve a mix of quality and length of recording. The microSD card or even the camera are easy to plug into your computer to grab those files and forward to your insurance agent. Its tough to review something that we aren't sure if it works the way it should and I am not slamming into find out. For the cost it seems like it should work. This is not a GoPro, design, build and quality are not there. Most people will think that way because its a small HD camera. But its meant to film you driving, thats all. And for that it seems to do the job.