Jabra Motion Bluetooth Review

It looks like quite a piece of technology. Well thats because it is, a big, feature-packed bluetooth headset. Let's make this one efficient, shall we.

Is it worth the price is the big question here. At $130 bucks, does it do more and do better than other sets below that price point? Simple answer is no, but if you are a tech-head and want more from your headset, and are willing to pay for it, this is right up your alley.

Lets start with the controls. It has physical controls for receiving and ending calls, audio volume and mute. The microphone itself is on a flip-boom which doubles as a power switch for the whole device. Like many other headsets it features a swiveling ear piece and is adjustable to fit your ears and can be worn on both left and right ears. 

Those are the physical features, but how about the tech-side of this beast. Its called the Motion for a reason, mainly being that it has motion and environment-sensitive noise canceling. That means the set is supposed to adjust its volume to drown out external sounds so you can better hear your conversation. Car tests and noisy street walking were no match for the sound suppression tech that the Motion sports.

The motion part also comes in when you are receiving a call and pick up the headset (if it wasn't already on), it will answer the call as you pick it up and put it on.

Jabra also packed voice controls into the Motion. These controls do the obvious, answer, etc, but you can now also access Apple's Siri voice control on iPhones with the headset, huge plus because that has been previously not possible with other headsets.

For you business users, you can also add extras like a USB Bluetooth adapter to allow you to connect to PCs and support for Unified Communications (UC) which will be attractive to corporate users.

We always have issues with fit of BT headsets, that is the big negative here. The set is so big, its hard to conform to our heads. Its adjustable yes, but a stable fit is tricky to achieve. If you wear glasses like I do, the Motion and the arm of your glasses compete for space and stability atop your ear.

However, we're all different shapes and sizes so our advice here is clear. Try before you buy. The Motion isn't poorly designed, it's adjustable and it may fit you very nicely.

Battery life is also good. Much will depend on usage. But Jabra claims seven hours talk time and that seems realistic.