Macally Macbook Keyboard Protective Cover

The idea here is safety. Keep your Macbook protected from accidental spills and unwanted dust, keep it clean and dry. This silicon keyboard cover is completely washable (take off your laptop first, of course) and fits the 13″ MacBook Air, 13″ & 15″ MacBookPro, MacBookPro with Retina display, Apple Bluetooth Keyboards and iMac wired compact keyboards.

We tested the black and clear options but Macally also offers a blue and pink cover to give you a little more personalization. The cover fits right over the existing keyboard and fits snug in place. Its easy to remove and wash but the issues we are having now is the keys take a little extra force to hit. This makes us miss a letter or two as we type, slowing us down a tad. We have noticed that it is getting a bit better with time but its something to keep an eye on.

Overall, for 15 bucks it seems like a nice, stylish buffer between liquid, dust and crumbs and a sticky, dirty or destroyed computer. I will not be testing if it really keeps liquid at bay but it seems like it would buy you a few seconds to make a save. This will BY NO MEANS, save you from all water, coffee or pop spills.

+ Add a little style to your MBP
+ Protects

- Fight some tougher keying in the early stages