Jabra Supreme Bluetooth Headset Review

We love our bluetooth reviews. So many of them and so many with this company. Jabra rolled out the SUPREME, touting it as the first Bluetooth mono headset to allow you to enjoy exceptional Active Noise Cancellation technology. I'm not sure how exactly they figured that would work, considering one of your ears is still not covered, but oh well, on to the review.

Lets do a quick fire of the features and capabilities, sometimes we are too long winded...
  • Connect two BT devices at once
  • A2DP streaming of media from device
  • HD voice so you sound clear to your callee
  • Make and answer calls just using your voice, also tells you who is calling
  • Jabra Voice Guidance
  • 24mm speaker and noise canceling makes it easier for you to hear, I guess

Ok, we will deal with the speaker now. The issue we often have with BT headsets is that they are not ever loud enough. Maybe we are deaf, maybe they just aren't loud enough. The SUPREME boasts a, active noise canceling system that will remove frequencies and boost the sound to overcome the environment around you. Problem is, your other ear is still exposed to the sound. We can tell the noise canceling is working because we isolated the sound from the side we wore the headset and it is noticeably tougher to hear it. Not crazy loud sounds, but conversations and light music was able to be whisked away. Busy streets and construction and other sounds that fill your "off ear" there is still no answer for. And as long as BTs are in one ear (which we hope is always the case) this will forever be the problem. 

Call quality was great, most higher-end BTs nowadays have the microphone thing figured out. It also helps that the patented Flip-Boom arm gets close to your talking hole. That flipping arm is also the on and off switch, simply unfold the arm to switch ON and fold to switch OFF and store the headset. 

It looks the part of SUPREME as well. Sleekness with a tad bit of size but that size allows for larger buttons that are out of the way. That faux leather look also adds to the high-browness of the headset. It also delivers custom comfort for all ears, by letting you adjust the headset to achieve the best fit and placement according to your needs. There is an included flexible ear hook is easily adjustable and its on-the-ear shape sits securely in place. I wear glasses, and most of the time the hook on the bluetooth headsets are big and get in the way, but this one is fine and is even textured so it doesn't slip and slide all around.

The "connect" button is big and easy to find. And because of its size the other buttons aren't going to get in your way or hit at the wrong time. Charging is easy using USB or AC outlet. The lights on the unit clearly show when it's charged/charging and hooked up or looking for a pairing device. Battery life says six hours, but we have gone a week with moderate use and no end in sight. We are hearing about two weeks between charges for moderate-heavy use.